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Hi internet, it's me Jezenya

Jessica ToddComment


Thought I should just write a short blog to introduce our brand to all you lovely people. Jezenya is a family business committed to ethical manufacture based in Melbourne, Australia. We started in Perth selling at more handmade markets than I can count before packing a shipping container and shooting the lot off to Melbourne. In all it's been about a decade but we have so much fun sewing this brand it feels like half that time to me. 

We create a handmade range of clothing for women who like to stand out. All styles are produced in small runs and we use techniques such as lino block printing and embroidery as embellishments. We prefer to work in natural fibres and with bold prints. We're a mother and daughter team with around 55 years combined experience in dress making and we hold durability and originality as the most important features of our designs. Our aim is to provide stylish women everywhere an opportunity to express themselves and provide easy access to custom made fashion. 

Thanks for the read - Jess.