Custom Designs

Slow Fashion

Jessica Todd

As the market is flooded with cheap clothing produced under exploitative conditions we think it is important to offer an alternative. We produce all of our stock ourselves as we love to sew and we love to experiment with materials to make unique garments. This production technique also guarantees that no unfair work practises are involved. We also strive to keep our clothing affordable to make handmade and custom fashion more accessible. 

As well as showcasing our love of design, the Jezenya brand is durable and not designed to be throwaway. Good design transcends seasons and we like think of our pieces as timeless. Our garments are mostly natural fibres such as cotton, silk and linen which not only look fantastic but offer comfort, especially in warmer weather. Natural materials are also more durable and don't pill and lose their shape the way synthetics do. 

If you see a design you like and would like to have it handmade to your measurements don't hesitate to contact us. We can also offer alternative prints for most designs if you have something specific in mind.   

Handmade forever! - Donna.